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At Alliance Industries, we take great pride in our expertise in the remanufacturing of torque converters, providing comprehensive services to ensure they perform optimally and deliver peak performance.

Our meticulous process includes the following steps:

Our Process

  • Testing/Gauging/Measuring
  • Parts Reclamation/Inspection


  • CNC/TurretLathes
  • 3-Stage and Pass-Through Washers
  • Grit Blast Cabinet
  • Bonding Machines
  • Balancers (Internal/Final)
  • MIG and TIG Welders
  • Laser Run-Out Table
  • Water Immersion Leak Test


Our skilled technicians carefully disassemble the torque converters, ensuring that all components are handled with precision and care.


Thorough cleaning is a critical part of our process. We use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from all parts, preparing them for further inspection and machining.


Our state-of-the-art machining facilities enable us to address any issues with precision. We repair or refine components to meet original specifications, ensuring that the torque converter functions as efficiently as possible.


Every part undergoes a rigorous inspection to identify any wear, damage, or inconsistencies. Our experienced technicians meticulously examine each element to determine its suitability for reuse or replacement.

Component Replacement or Reclamation:

If any components are beyond repair, we replace them with Original Equipment components or high-quality, approved, compatible parts when OE parts are not available. Alternatively, if certain elements can be salvaged, we reclaim and refurbish components to restore them to their peak performance.

Dimensional Checks:

Throughout the process, we perform dimensional checks to guarantee that all components meet the required specifications and tolerances.


With precision and expertise, our technicians reassemble the torque converters, ensuring that all parts fit together seamlessly.

Leak Test:

To guarantee the torque converters' integrity and prevent any fluid leaks, we conduct a thorough leak test. This test ensures that the torque converters are functioning without any leaks or potential issues.


Balance is crucial for the smooth operation of torque converters. Our technicians carefully balance the torque converters to minimize vibrations and enhance their overall performance.


Once the torque converters pass our rigorous quality checks, they are carefully packaged to ensure their safe transportation and delivery.

Throughout the entire process, we prioritize quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals combines their expertise with advanced technology to deliver torque converters that meet or exceed industry standards. If you require torque converter remanufacturing, you can trust Alliance Industries to provide reliable, top-notch services.

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